CastBridge: Delivering real-time information

With Microsoft Office and CastBridge DataMessenger you already know everything you need to know to share data!

  • No more bulky email attachments or wondering if you have the most current information
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of IT time investment
  • No new difficult to use applications to learn just to access different types of data from multiple places
  • No need to create multiple versions of the same data because people need data in different formats

CastBridge Takes Instant Messaging to the Next Level with DataMessenger 2.0

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DEMO 2003: Winner of the 'Break Through Technology

With CastBridge DataMessenger, sharing multiple records from an enterprise database or any desktop application is exactly the same, and just as easy, as sharing a single cell in a spreadsheet.

DataMessenger is as simple as sending an instant message – an instant Data message. Using a simple "publish and subscribe" process, you can share any information with a single person, the entire company, or with multiple business partners outside your company.

Go beyond simple document sharing and get true data sharing without the cost and complexity of a data warehouse. And, if you already have a data warehouse we've got you covered there, too. (Hint: You already know all you need to know.)

Real-time and secure data sharing your way without the headaches--CastBridge DataMessenger.